The Variety Of The Infill Edmonton Program

Infill EdmontonOne of the major details that often gets missed when talking about the infill Edmonton housing program is the fact that there is an amazing variety of different houses being built in the open inner city lots. While many people imagine a small, modern, and simple but nice house that are more for a young couple than a family (there are definitely plenty of those being built) there are also three and four bedroom house is being built to provide space for larger families. In some places the infill program is leading to multiple small modern houses being built close together and encouraging extremely young professionals to move in while in others neighborhoods are finding a Renaissance when it comes to solid new family housing.

The infill Edmonton housing program takes this route because there are many different needs when it comes to individuals and families wanting to live in the city, and certain neighborhoods are simply better suited for certain types of housing. If you’re looking at an old school traditional residential neighborhood with large 100 year old houses, a couple of small square ultra moderns under 1,000 square fit aren’t going to exactly fit in.

The good news for everybody involved is that this means there are always going to be plenty of options for individuals looking to take advantage of this program regardless of what their specific housing needs are. In addition to looking at the homes individually, it is worth noting that the city of Edmonton has done a very good job with planning out entire neighborhoods in figuring out which ones are most likely to attract certain demographics, and what type of long-term restoration projects will best fit in. By tackling this by neighborhood they can help to guarantee that all the houses being built are more likely to see buyers sooner rather than later and to have a better permanent long-term positive effect on the city.

The infill program has done a great job of getting the city better at general land management. Empty lots are quickly considered for construction, old run down commercial buildings with large parking areas don’t just sit around unused – there are plans that really draw up the available areas in the city and encourage neighborhoods of all demographics and age to really get an infusion of new citizens and solid construction.

This is a program that lets the entire city win.