The Various Warning Signs That You Need The Services Of An Austin TX Roofing Company

You may be asking yourself how one can recognize the need to have my roof repaired or replaced. Does the roof need repair or if merely need the area to be cleaned?” Deciphering between a cleaning and repair can be difficult for an individual who does have any knowledge of roofing. It is possible to contact a roofing contractor and request a free inspection.

Of course, not all people are willing to contact a roofing contractor and would rather avoid an initial inspection. If you are one of the latter group, then this article will be beneficial as it provides the different warning signs available indicating that your roof needs the services of an Austin TX roofing company.

1. Dark Stains Or Dirty-Looking Areas On The Roof

One of the most common causes of any dark stains on a roof is a fungi or algae infection. This problem typically occurs in the warmer, humid climates; however, this does not mean it cannot be found in the cooler areas. When algae or mold begins to eat away at the shingle base of the roof, the mold will cause the shingles to loosen and decay. If there are dark areas on the roof, the chances are high that the mold has begun to develop and the roof will begin to decay.

2. Shingle And Sheathing Deterioration

A decay of the shingles and sheathing of a roof can be a result of many factors, one of which is mentioned above. The mold and algae development is arguably the most detrimental effect as it eats away at the base of the shingles causing them to decay. If the problem is undetected and untreated, the mold will reach the sheathing panels and will weaken the connection between the shingles and the rafters of the roof.

Once the sheathing, which is the connection between shingles and rafters, is deteriorated, it will make the roof vulnerable to loss during inclement weather. A physical ‘symptom’ of this deterioration is a sagging of the roof and potential result of roof rot. Should these issues occur, the repair of a roof is no longer necessary as the roof will need to be replaced by an Austin TX roofing contractor.

3. Water Marks On The Ceilings

When dealing with roofing leaks, it is possible that the leak is a result of insufficient underlayment or damaged flashing during roof installation. The repair of these factors is quite inexpensive and must be completed as soon as leaks are noted. An untreated leak can result in further moisture damage and eventually mold development.