How to Choose an Outdoor Fireplace

Outdoor FireplaceRecent home improvement trends recommend installing an outdoor fireplace. Adding a sense of luxury to the total feel of your residence, it is one of the most favorite additional housing elements you can enjoy. The outdoor fireplace gives your backyard or patio a warm and cozy feel that can allow you to enjoy nights outside and spend time outdoors even as the seasons get colder. Take note of the following when plotting to install an outdoor fireplace:


Where Will You Place It?

Envisioning where precisely in your property, you will place your fireplace is one major deciding factor. Consider the surrounding views, wildlife, and trees so the fire can complement and enhance the ambiance. Make sure the location will be in full compliance with community and city guidelines. Plotting the placement must also rely on the usual seating capacity that you plan. Take note of the build and style of the seating options, so they complement the design of the fireplace as well. Also, you must remember to ensure safety above all factors, so fire hazards, storage, and disposals are priority points.


Which Fire Starter Do You Prefer?

Fuel options influence the design and build of the fireplace you will use. You have the opportunity to choose amongst propane, natural gases, wood, or gel fuels. Wood is the cheapest and most common. They require space for storage and careful fire extinguishing and waste disposal. Gel fuels are the most expensive and are the cleanest to use. The heat they generate is limited, and they do not produce smoke. Propane and natural gas are both easy to use, but the first is not portable, and the latter needs a gas line installation.


How to Select a Design?

When choosing amongst available designs, consider the architecture of your home. The complementary colors are relevant to think about, as well as the material build of your fireplace. For budget-friendly options, you can choose stones. If you want a low maintenance model, you can pick aluminum. For heavy duty against corrosion or for regular use, your options are cast-iron, copper or stainless steel.


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