Do You Have A Writing Skill And Wish To Write For Us?

We are managing a blog and we’re hunting for guest blog writers. In case you have already explored our website, you’ll see we are in the home improvement niche and we value related new contents posted in our site. If you need to have a site of similar niche such as us and you wanted exposure of your website, we can both benefit so contact us now in order for us to discuss details.

Just a handful of accepted topics for guest posts include:

Home improvement
Interior design
Home improvement
Power & Hand Tools
DIY (how to do almost anything)
Handyman tips & tricks
Product reviews
Heating & plumbing
Electricians equipment
Garage (auto repair & equipment)

One of the effective strategies of boosting your traffic is guest blogging. Well written contents shared on different blog platform can increase additional exposure of your blog. Blog owners will share your articles with their own audience, meaning you can have direct traffic. They usually also publish the content on social media which drives more traffic. The links you have in the guest posting will have a direct effect in the eyes of the search engine such as google. It will help you rank higher in the search result page, thus, improving your source of organic traffic. The contents you posted in the blog site should be of the same theme of contents of your blog. If the niche of your website is in the home improvement niche, then post content as guest blogger on similar niche as yours. You wouldn’t want to get a guest blog on a real estate site for example as this isn’t related to your website and looks strange to the search engines. You also wish to submit content to our site that has photos and probably even relevant video content. When the search engine found your guest post, they’ll certainly rank your site higher in their result pages.


You can either create the guest blog content yourself, or you can get someone to produce content for you so that you’re just publishing the guest blog to those sites such as this one that are for individuals to write for us. You can acquire quality contents that are reasonably priced from online writing services like I Need Articles.


You may ask for our guest blogging  rules through getting in touch with us. As soon as your application is approved, you can start to contribute right away. Be reminded that we don’t take bad quality contents. It must be 750 words in length. If you successfully pass our qualification as guest author and you want to be featured, just let us know.