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Oak Beams

Oak beams are construction materials that come from the oak tree, a hardwood that has been used by human beings for many generations. Even though oak beams have been applied in human construction for many centuries, the growth of the oak tree takes about 150 years before is wood can be used for building. Historically, the wood from the oak tree was used as structural frames and construction beams. However, over time, man began using oak beams for wine barrels, flooring, and firewood.

Benefits of Oak Beams in Construction

There are numerous materials that one can use as beams and frames. However, oak wood has been used as beams and frames throughout history. Its popularity may be attributed to some of the benefits that the tree provides. Here are some of them.

Flexibility and Ease of Application

Regardless of the nature of the construction, oak beams are applicable and can be used in numerous applications such as pillars, walls, and housing frameworks. As such, construction using oak beams implies that little wood goes to waste, which implies cost savings for the owner.

Oak Constructions are Easy to Maintain

Any construction made using oak beams is very easy to maintain and looks attractive for a significant length of time. Oak wood floors need very little care. Mopping and sweeping are often enough to ensure that any oak fitting or furniture retains its original finish. In addition, hardwoods are natural insulators and therefore form good materials for warm house floors.

Oak is Durable

Hardwoods are among the most durable and resistant materials in the modern world. Being a slow-growing tree, oak forms wood that is impenetrable by elements of the weather as well as pests such as termites. This means that oak beams are denser and sturdier than many other materials used in construction.

Oak Beams have a Beautiful Appearance

Oak beams are suitable for application in many constructions and finishing because it is a hardwood that is comprised of unique grains thereby giving it an outstanding finish. After simple processes such as varnishing, it is easy to make up different unique styles using oak beams.

Applications of Oak Beams in Combination With Other Materials

Since the oak tree takes a long time to mature so that its wood can make usable beams, construction networks have successfully combined oak with other materials to produce more versatile finishes and structural solutions. Oak has been applied as a covering for steel beams as a means to improve the aesthetic value of the final construction. Some building companies have also began glazing oak beams with glass to give the wooden extensions a shiny finish.